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Travel to Martinique

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Last Minute Tips Before you Travel to Martinique

  • Time Zone: GMT/UTC -4
  • Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz (bring an adapter/transformer for your hair drier, laptop, cellullar phone etc.)
  • Currency: Euro (Euro)
  • Country Dialing Code: 596


Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago


432,900 (July 2005 est.)

none (overseas department of France)

tropical; moderated by trade winds; rainy season (June to October); vulnerable to devastating cyclones (hurricanes) every eight years on average; average temperature 17.3 degrees C; humid

Ethnic groups
African and African-white-Indian mixture 90%, white 5%, East Indian, Chinese less than 5%

Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant 10.5%, Muslim 0.5%, Hindu 0.5%, other 3.5% (1997)

French, Creole patois

Government type

Colonized by France in 1635, the island has subsequently remained a French possession except for three brief periods of foreign occupation.

Martinique Travel and Accommodation Your Tips for Travelers

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Hi there from sunny Brunswick Heads, Australia

Have had a successful change to Alaska in '09 through your site and have another arranged for Nova Scotia later this year. Plus I am hosting someone from Reunion Island in April - all through your free site. Excellent!

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