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Home Exchange in Caribbean

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Caribbean is a popular travel destination for a good reason. Sunshine, beautiful beaches, sports, lively entertainment, nature, and diverse cultural history make this part of the world one of the most desirable holiday destinations. It is a true sea-lover’s paradise. A big draw for swimmers, water surfers, and especially divers. Yachting and fishing is also spectacular here.

Home Exchange in Anguilla

Savour the beaches of Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. The territory encompasses main island of Anguilla itself and a number of much smaller islands and cays with no permanent population. There are 33 beaches in Anguilla within 35 miles of coastline, which cater to visitors seeking quiet relaxation or adventure.

Home Exchange in Antigua and Barbuda

On Antigua, the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda, life is... a beach. The coral reefs attract snorkelers and scuba divers from all around the world. The other attractions of Antigua include 18th century forts and countless stone windmills that used to power rollers which crushed the sugar cane to extract the juice. The smaller island of Barbuda is now a home to one of the region's most significant bird sanctuaries.

Home Exchange in Aruba

Home Exchange in Bahamas

Experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Bahamas. It is a country consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba. It is a destination for travellers looking to soak up the sun and have some fun in the process. The water is clear, blue and warm, and the snorkelling here is amazing.

Home Exchange in Barbados

About half a million tourist visit Barbados every year. The island's attraction is justified by the azure water and white-sand beaches that fuel the fantasies of Brits, Americans and Canadians that come here in planeloads to escape their winters. However, what makes the island special is away from the luxury resorts of the west coast and the well-developed south coast. Vast plantation homes show the wealth of the settlers of the colonial past and museums document the brutality of the slave trade.

Home Exchange in Cayman Islands

Another British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean is Cayman Islands comprised of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. This is another Caribbean haven for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts alike. On the western shore of Grand Cayman lies the Seven Mile Beach – acclaimed by travel magazines as the best beach in the whole Caribbean. The best place to experience Sting Rays in their natural habitat is Stingray City located in the shallow waters of the northwest corner of Grand Cayman. Swim with the rays and feed them with your own hand (!!!)

Home Exchange in Cuba

Home Exchange in Dominica

Home Exchange in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola. Nine hundred miles of coastline makes the Hispaniola Island country one of the most desired destination for beach-lovers. Punta Cana is known for its beautiful beaches, golf courses, luxurious spas, and restaurants. Puerto Plata's unique attractions are Isabel de Torres National Park, Ocean World Adventure Park, as well as one of the best seafood restaurants of the republic. Not to forget that Dominican Republic is the country where one of the most popular cigars are made!





More than any other Caribbean island, Jamaica still retains a strong African identity. When you exchange your home with an accommodation in Jamaica, you will have enought time to sample this island's tropical taste. ­The true Jamaican specialties are the live reggae music and hot spiced jerk pork and chicken sold by beachside vendors. The most popular waterfront gems are Doctor's Cave Beach and Seven Mile Beach. Blue Mountains, one of the longest ranges in the Caribbean, dominate the eastern part of the island.



Netherlands Antilles

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico means “rich port” in Spanish language. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean. It comprises of several islands that include the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands, like Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. Puerto Rico offers much more than just all inclusive resorts and beaches with great snorkeling and gorgeous seascapes. You can sample here the best pork in the world prepared in hundreds of ways to fit your unique taste. Visit local food markets and experience a big variety of tropical fruits; get out to the night clubs and get an impromptu salsa and merengue lessens. Or rent a truck, and have your adventure in the Toro Negro Rainforest, the Puerto Rico's highest rainforest reserve.

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