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Cementerio de la Recoleta - Evita's resting place
Monday, 12 December 2011

La Recoleta Cemetery (Cementerio de la Recoleta) is the resting place of many Argentine presidents, writers, artists, intellectuals, and other prominent Argentine figures. Laid out in sections like city blocks, the cemetery contains many elaborate mausoleums, decorated with statues, in a wide variety of architectural styles. It is an impressive site and definitely worth visiting. Rather then describing it I just include a number of photographs that I took a few days ago.

Entrance to the cemetery

The most visited place at the cemetery is of course the resting place of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, known to the world as Evita. Born at the province as an illegitimate child of a wealthy businessman, at the age of 15 she moved to Buenos Aires dreaming of becoming an actress. She achieved some success mostly due to her beauty. In 1944 she met Colonel Juan Peron, a quickly rising figure in the government. After their marriage in 1945 Evita was instrumental in her husband's presidential campaign. Es the first lady she established Eva Peron Foundation that directed funds to programs benefiting hospitals, schools, senior centres, and other charitable undertakings. She helped to raise wages for union workers and to get the right to vote for women. She died of cancer in 1952, at the age of 33. Because of her impoverished background and the lack of formal education Evita was not accepted by the high society but she was, and still is, loved by the most of the nation and although July 26 it is not an official government holiday, the anniversary of Eva Peron's death is marked by Argentines every year. Out of all places that I saw at the cemetery, only Evita's tomb was adorned by flowers as you can see at the picture below.

The cemetery exit

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