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Disclaimer Information for the Website Users

Not all Exchagezones.com ads are created directly by the property owners.  Some advertisers are acting as agents or managers for the owners.

  1. Exchagezones.com is a LISTING SERVICE ONLY and assumes no responsibility for verifying the content of property information, contact information, or credibility of property advertiser.  You are responsible for conducting your own investigation regarding any and all claims made by prospective renters or vacation property owners or agents. The inclusion and distribution of any information regarding a property through Exchagezones.com does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of the property or its owner.
  2. You assume all liability for use of any information you find at Exchagezones.com.
  3. Exchagezones.com only facilitates the exchange of information between vacation property owners and renters.  Exchagezones.com assumes no responsibility, and it does not guarantee the accuracy of information contained in this website.
  4. Exchagezones.com cannot be held responsible for disputes arising between home exchange partners, or between property owners and renters.
  5. Exchagezones.com is not involved with negotiations between travelers and property owners or travel service providers, and cannot be held accountable for any damages that may arise from the contents placed on this website.
  6. Inquires that are delivered by email may not be considered private. Email delivery may not be reliable and Exchagezones.com cannot be held responsible for undelivered inquiries or for missed income as a result of undelivered inquiries.


Hi there from sunny Brunswick Heads, Australia

Have had a successful change to Alaska in '09 through your site and have another arranged for Nova Scotia later this year. Plus I am hosting someone from Reunion Island in April - all through your free site. Excellent!

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