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Provence, France

By Chéron Stéphanie© All rights reserved.

Homestay in Provence, France

Welcome to France!!! Taste French cooking, experience the French Way of Life!!!  Welcome to Provence, a beautiful and attracting area, with more than 300 sunny days per year!
I live in the most beautiful region of France, in the Provence area. Provençal markets, villages, middle-ages castles, Old Roman cities, Mediterranean Sea, Alps’ mountains... all that within one hour by car!!!

Montélimar, our beautiful City, is located in the fantastic Rhone-Alps region, in the south of Drome department, but still in the Provence area. You can enjoy here wonderful countryside of mountains (pré-Alpes) with its easy way of life and the sun which is typical of the South of France...

Montélimar's central location made it possible for this year's Tour de France to have a stop in the city for 2 days... 

Festivals, markets, music, beautiful sights, economic activity, shopping, museums, theatre, cinemas, leisure centers, sports... Montélimar is a young and active City.  Very attractive indeed, as over 800 people per year come from all over France to live here...

Montélimar is also an attractive educational center with colleges, "Lycées", a big public library, and young painters exhibiting in the Castle, which is a modern art museum nowadays...

In Montélimar, you can walk along the Roubion River, in City center, take a bus to the swimming-pool or to the castle... You will find charming pedestrian alleys, a public garden with wild animals, little provençal markets and many Nougat's shops. Montélimar is the capital of Nougat, a candy known all over the world. You can have a walk on pedestrian alleys, have a rest before the fountains, go shopping in shopping centers, all provençal taste!

  • There are many museums, castles and leisure centers to visit, such as the Adhémar's castle, or the Grignan's...
  • Or the Crocodiles' zoo in Pierrelatte...
  • You can also experience nature sights, such as the Gorges de l'Ardèche, or lavender fields, and "oliveraies"...
  • Or visit old Roman cities and medieval places such as Orange
  • Or just have a drink in a pub or one of many café's terraces...

Our house is located in a quiet area, 5 minutes from City center, within walking distance to most attractions. It is a big house with a garden, a swimming-pool and a winter garden, so you can enjoy outside sights all year long. Temperatures are around 25°C in  March/April  and November, around 35°C in the summer, and around 12°C in the winter time. Snowing is rare, although it does occur sometimes... Christmas Market, summer exhibitions... all year is full of festivals and Southern France festivities!!!

We can accommodate 2 students at a time in our homestay who will share our life for a few weeks or for a year, and become a true "Montilien" (inhabitant of Montélimar)!   Students can either come for holidays or to study in the Lycée.

 Welcome to a paradise on earth, where civilization meets the nature with all due respect!!!       



Hi there from sunny Brunswick Heads, Australia

Have had a successful change to Alaska in '09 through your site and have another arranged for Nova Scotia later this year. Plus I am hosting someone from Reunion Island in April - all through your free site. Excellent!

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