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Aug 8, 2005 - The English Countryside, Scotland, Ireland

Reported by JoMar All rights reserved.

It's us again, Marc and John!!

Wanted to finish England and Scotland the last time, but being in front of a computer for a longer time is tiring (plus way too much for you to read in one sitting!) so, two entries.

... we wanted yet another "break" from the hecticness of the big city (London) and visit a small community in the English countryside.  We choose Windermere and what a great choice! It was only about 3 hours outta London and was just the right thing for us -- quaint, charming and relaxing.

We found a really cute B&B right near the train station, so no need to find our way into the city centre -- it was all right there! ahhhhhhhhh !

We unwound, got a bite to eat and slept!

The next day we found this great hike up this mountain, half the climb of Grouse Mountain (Vancouver), and the views were wonderful -- lakes (England's largest lake and mountain could be seen from here), impossibly green rolling hills divided by 4 foot high slate rock fences littered with hundreds of tiny white dots (sheep) -- that was the view. Very beautiful!

Had more of the authentic Fish and Chips and just had a nice time in an un-hurried English pocket...


We arrived in  Edinburgh in no time at all, and had a bit more difficulty finding a place to lay our heads that night, but finally did find something that was expensive and not great value for our money -- oh well, take the ups with the downs.

Arriving on the 30th July, we just, again, found somewhere to park our stuff, eat and rest, but the next day we did the tourist thing -- saw Edinburgh's old and new town; the old medieval town was really cool; lot's of fortune tellers in gypsy wagons, ghost stories and tours of the underground Edinburgh! Oh yeah almost forgot; Edinburgh Castle. This fantastic castle sits on a hill overlooking the entire city and is lit up at night. A little bit of interesting history here. Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI in this castle and then escaped to England were her cousin Elizabeth I had her imprisoned and eventually beheaded. Elizabeth never married and never had children so after she died it was Mary's son, James who became king of both England and Scotland and united both lands -- that's how the United Kingdom was born!!!

That night we started at this really cool pub called New Towne and from there,  it became somewhat of a blur for me!  Went onto a dance bar called CC Blooms and I danced the night away;  the music was great and I had a fun time for John's birthday! hehehehee

Rolled in at 4am and by 7am the headache began, it was a doozer too! :-(   ...and poor birthday boy had started a cold the day before, but stood by and watched me pollute and dance myself into this craze!

Once again, we (I) needed to recuperate, so a couple of days later, we got on a train, saw a bit of Glasgow, got back on the train, to this little place called OBAN, transferred to a ferry for an hour, then we were now in Craignure, but now had to board a bus for another hour which took us to a picturesque town called TOBERMORY, on Mull Island! It was really, really great! The people, the B&B, the food, the multi-coloured buildings were such a welcome!

We met a great family, traveling together, Helene and her gang, that were great to chat with; they had "kids" that were just fun to be around; they fished for crabs on the Tobermory pier and we chatted with the "moms"!

After 3 days and nights here we were ready to discover Ireland, and hopefully apply for our visa for INDIA !


As soon as we got here, we did go to the Indian Consulate, but were advised that it would take 7 working days, and we did not have that time here.

Before that we found a nice, reasonable B&B and paid for 7 nights upfront as we thought we would have to stay here to wait for the visa to come in.

Would have been nice to go to Galway and/or Cork, but can't do both, so, in Dublin we stay until the 11th when we fly to Amsterdam to connect with our flight to CAIRO!!

By the way, we are in the Cairo vicinity only for 3 days, then onto Alexandria... then on the 21 August we do start a 15 day tour with a tour company.  That is it for now folks...

Goodnight from Dublin Ireland,

love and stuff,

Marc and John xo

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