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Jul 28, 2005 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Reported by JoMar All rights reserved.

... wow, cannot believe that we have almost finished our European Summer! What a whirlwind of a tour!

Arrival into Denmark was pretty eventful! We took yet another chance and did not pre-book accommodations and thus far we have been OK to find something clean and "reasonable"  --  not in Copenhagen!

We searched (with backpacks ON, I might add) for about 2 1/2 hours and found nothing. Rooms were booked, even on the outskirts. There was ONE place in the city square, a fantastic area, where there was this one hotel called The Palace that we just didn't check because we thought, why bother, it will be outta our range budget-wise.

Tired, we came across this little pub called "Can - Can" so we popped in for a re-fueling cocktail; it was about 9pm.

In this small place, we were quite conspicuous with our paraphernalia (wow, using all these words that I don't know how to spell!).  The Danes, being friendly as they are chatted to us immediately.  We met this one guy named Soren, and he tried to help in the "hotel-department".

But NO luck !

He was tons of help because, trying to find somewhere to hang your hat is not that easy in a foreign country, where English is their second language. Simple things like trying to find a phone-booth that takes coins; most of them only take a phone card that you have to buy, which is fine, if you are staying for a minimum of 4-5 days to use up the time you have bought on that countries phone card... there are booths that take coins, but that is a small amazing race in itself! Then you find a phone, and now out of the 10 digits that is the phone number you want, which ones do you actually have to use to get through? and so on, and so on! :-(

Getting back to Soren, he was kind enough to eliminate this for us by calling on his cell! What a relief, but still, could not find anything/anywhere to lay our heads.

He suggested the "Palace" and we said it probably will be our place for the night even though it would be out of our budget. He said, take his number, and if they don't have room, to call him and we could stay with him!!!!!

We went to The Palace and they did have room; only 3 rooms left, and their cheapest room was 900 dkr (Danish Krones) which is almost $200.00 Canadian! Not on these two backpackers budget! We chatted and decided to "splurge" and have great nights sleep in a 4 STAR hotel for a change...

It was not great. Denmark's 4 STAR hotels are like our 2 STAR hotels in Vancouver... average.

We searched for a local hostel the next day and found one for 100dkr per person/per night! Much more affordable!  * uck, you know the saying: "you get what you pay for" ... so true.  We did not sleep all night long. We were in a dorm with 25 beds and OUR bed, of course, was right by the door that went to the bathroom...  does anyone hold that door, so it does not slam? NOPE.

Needless to say, we checked out in the morning and called "Soren"!!  He welcomed us with open arms and made us right at home!  It is so heartwarming to meet such people like Soren in our bomb-threatened world, isn't it? Talk about "hope" :-)

There we stayed for the next 4 nights.  He showed us around and even took us on a daytrip to Malmo, Sweden -- just 35 minutes by train out of Copenhagen! He was just great!  Thanks again, Soren, hope to hear from you!

Copenhagen is a really pretty city, easy to get around, and OMGoodness, they actually speak more English than I have heard in 3 months.  Don't get me wrong, I love language and culture, but try NO English for 3 months, getting directions is just impossible! But it does make a difference, when locals do not speak English, but they try, OR they smile. Wow, a smile sure DOES go a long way! Lesson learned.

The weather in Copenhagen was cooler than the rest of Europe, but hey, we have now traveled north again, it was not cold, just cool and on the wet side, but that did not hinder our fun with our new found friend Soren!  OH, I forgot to mention -- on our ride from Berlin to Copenhagen, we were stunned when the announcement came on that we would be delayed for 15 minutes getting onto "the ferry" due to unexpected traffic !??  -- Yes, this train we were on, actually drove onto a ferry for the crossing! THE TRAIN DROVE ONTO THE FERRY! I don't know about you, but that was bizarre for us!

Well, that is about it for Copenhagen, Denmark. Hope you like the pictures!

I am actually in an internet cafe in London, it is 4:40pm on the 28th July. I am going to now put pictures in for Munich and Berlin, I know out of order, but have to do this when we have the time and can actually find cafes that will let us upload the photo's!

We are doing fine -- me, Marc, get more homesick than John. It is easier, I think, and should get easier as time goes on, I think!? I really miss the comforts of 1500 Pendrell Street in Vancouver;  I really miss the kids "alot", more than I thought I would.

Travel is great, but not as easy as I thought it would be. Being lost, without the local language is really draining. We walk on the average of 10 -15 km/day in the big capital cities, honest. There is so much to see, especially in London.

What a fantastic city... a city that has gone through terrible terrorism recently, the mood still a bit somber, but friendly as ever at the same time...

Won't go much into London yet, but we are safe so far, and we have been here 5 days now, so I think we will be fine, as we had hoped.

We leave tomorrow with our BritRail pass into the countryside of England, and up into Scotland. Back here in London on the 04th August to catch a flight up to Dublin, Ireland until the 11th when we fly back to Amsterdam, to connect with a flight to Cairo!

Well, better get going -- love, and cheerio, from London, England...

Marc and John

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