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Jul 15, 2005 - Prague, Czech Republic

Reported by JoMar All rights reserved.

Even though we hated to leave our little retreat in Unterach, Austria, Prague welcomed us with open arms.  We both had been anticipating visiting this city and wow!, we were not disappointed at all.

Even crossing into the country was not so bad -- passport police seemed less aggressive and were actually on the friendly side.

As we collected our thoughts, changed some money into the local currency (Czech Krowns) and were wondering how far our hostel was from the train station (Sir Toby's) we were approached by a woman who has her own apartment, that she rents out, a two bedroom, and she offered it to us for 30 euros per night and it was right in the city centre. Sir Toby's was 45 euros/night, so we went along with her.
Well, we never did go to see what Sir Toby's was like...   This new place we decided on was OK, not really a mistake, just in a raunchy area, and I was tired...  It started to rain, and I just wanted to whine :-(

We stayed for 3 nights, and it ended up being just fine, it was clean, and quiet.

Discovering Prague was great.  After the rain stopped, that is!  The next day, it was pouring, but thought we can't let that stop us... we left the apartment, and started to walk to find the Charles Bridge; of course 3 or 4 blocks into it, it really became miserably wetter and colder...  After we were soaked, we passed this bar/tavern/pub, whatever, and went in.  It was dry in there!

This was about 1pm, the bartender and 2 other customers welcomed our English and we ordered a cappuccino and a tea, sat at the bar,  warmed up and dried out!  We ended up having a ball with these 3 local Czech's even tho' they had very little English.  In fact so much fun, that in all the years I have known John, this was the FIRST time I have seen John drunk! Yes, drunk (by the way, we did switch from the tea and cappuccino to beers, at about 3)

We ended up staying there until 10:30 that night. It was a blast, we didn't see much of Prague that day, but hell, it was raining and cold, AND when we left, the rain had stopped, the city was all lit up for us to see, and being tipsy, made everything look so much nicer, on our drunken way back to the raunchy apartment!

The next day, was much more progressive. We found our way over the river to the castle district, and saw one of the largest castles in Europe, we made our way over to the Charles Bridge, wow, that is so beautiful!

This was exciting for me, as this bridge was used in one of my favourite movies called Yentl, and I remember the scene, very dramatic, and it was one of the reasons I wanted to see Prague.  The only thing about the bridge is, it is now just a pedestrian zone, and it was packed with tourist AND vendors... little kiosk's from one end of the bridge to another. It did say in our guide book to try to get to the bridge at dawn, when there is NO one there. We had good intentions of doing that the day we planned on leaving, before catching the early morning train out of Prague, but that morning, the rain had started once again :-(

Oh well, we had two sunny days, and we made the best of them... loved Prague!

I know there is much more to say, but this is early Saturday morning, we are here in Munich as I type this... at Lars and Nina's home.

They just left for a wedding outta town, we are leaving for Berlin this morning and thought I would just get this in...

We will add pictures soon, and John will perhaps add more about Prague, where I have left off !

Our time here in Munich was incredible. Lars opened up his home, we met his girlfriend Nina, whom we fell in love with and we just had such a nice time. Very hard to say good-bye this morning to them, especially to Larsi...

Thanks so much guys. We love you.

So, more to come RE: Prague, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Zurich Switzerland !

tons of love from Germany,

Marc and John

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