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Glen Canyon Dam, and Antelope Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam, Glen Canyon Bridge, Page, ArizonaIt took us three hours to drive the distance of 137 miles from Monument Valley to the town of Page. Page is one of the youngest towns in  the USA initially set up as a construction camp for workers of Glen Canyon Dam, Powerplant, and Glen Canyon Bridge. The project started in 1956. It took seven years to build Glen Canyon Dam, the second largest dam in  the USA, and another seventeen years for the water to reach “full pool”. As a result Lake Powell was created, now recreation area for millions of visitors each year. Lake Powell is 186 miles long and it is the second largest man-made lake in the USA, after Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam in Nevada. To see exhibits, videos, and take free tour of the dam I recommend visiting Carl Hayden Visitor Center.

Lake Powell, Page, ArizonaThe main reason of our visit to Page was to see the Antelope Canyon which is about 20 minutes driving time away from the town.  Since the canyon is located at the Navajo Reservation we had to book in Page a guided tour for the cost of $25 per person.  The entry to the Navajo Tribal Park cost additional $6 per person. 

The whole tour takes only about 1.5 hour.  Considering the driving time of 20 minutes each way, only about 50 minutes is left for the canyon itself.  It's definitely too short!

We stopped at a red sandstone with a narrow entrance. Antelope Canyon, ArizonaThe temperature inside was at least 20 degrees lower, which was a great relief from the outside heat of over 100 F. The canyon inside curves and turns, narrowing in some places to the point that you can touch both walls of the canyon by stretching your arms to your sides.

It is amazing to see the work of sun filtering down and creating magnificent patterns on sandstone walls, changing colors from one minute to another -- from yellow to orange to rust, next to dark spots where the sun does not reach. The tour guides know well how to take good pictures and they point you to the most appropriate places for you to stand to get the best shots.

If you walked just through the canyon from one side to the other it would probably take you no longer then 4 to 5 minutes, but it took us 25 minutes to walk each way. Everybody had opportunity to take pictures, enjoy the place, its colors, and  the amazing shapes and patterns created by the light. We were so captivated by this place that 50 minutes felt like a blink of an eye...

 Antelope Canyon, Arizona Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona












 For everyone that has more time to spare, there is another point of interest, deemed sacred by several Southwestern Indian tribes.  It is the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Rainbow Bridge is a rock formation and it is the world's largest natural bridge. It cannot be reached by car, but it can be reached by a long hike (a permit from Navajo Nation is required) or by a boat.  It is 50 miles up Lake Powell and by commercial tour it takes about seven hours by boat, and  then over one mile on foot.  You can speed up the trip by renting a private powerboat. 

Teresa Szefler, September 23, 2007

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